How to play oddpawn

This is a short guide on how to play the game. First thing you need to know is that this game is supposed to be difficult and quirky. It's probably not like anything you ever tried before, so give it a chance. Most people gets quite addicted.

OddPawn is a game of  logic. You need to see what is presented in front of you and then figure out how you can use that in order to answer the question on hand. Sometimes you need to look really hard to find both the question and the answer.

In the answerbox both capital and small letters can be used – it makes no difference. You can play more than one level at a time. If you’re stuck on a level you can jump to a different level in an other chapter.

The game starts out pretty easy and then progresses into more and more difficult riddles. Below is a guide to get you started with the first levels.

Finally remember: “Google is your friend”

A short guide

Level 1

The first level you'll most likely meet is level 1. Here the question asked is: "The switch is OFF. What SHOULD it be?"

You are supposed to first figure out what is being asked of you and then puzzle together an answer. In this case the question is right there : "The switch is OFF. What SHOULD it be?"

The answer to this level is offcourse ON

Level 2

On this second level the question is also right in front of you: "What's the first eight decimals of pi?"

You are not supposed to know this by heart, so we gave you a google search box for you to use. So go find pi and insert the first eight decimals.

Decimals are the numbers after the dot - you need to insert all eight at once to answer correctly.

Level 3

The question asked here is "How to find the source code?". So normally when you see a webpage, you probably don't think about it but it's made up of a lot of code. This code is called the source code. you can normally find the source code of a page by right clicking on an empty part of the page - a part where there is no image or text and the press "show source code".

We've made it really simple for you, so you can also just click the source code button in the top right. Somewhere in this long code list the answer is hidden. You are not supposed to know any code to play this game - you just need to look for it. its there. Almost always somewhere near the bottom.

Level 4

Something is hidden in the picture the headline states. Also it says: You have to be bright to get past this one.

So what we've got is a really dark image. You need to brighten up the image in order to see if something is hidden in there somewhere.

So right-click the picture and save if to your device. Then open it in a photo-editor. If you don't have a photo-editor then use one of the many free tools online like or

Now you need to brighten up the image. The hidden text is in the lower left corner of the image, Zooming in might help.

Level 5

Remember this game makes use of all possible ways to send you off in all directions. On this level the sound is what you need to pay attention to.

The question asked is: "What movie is this from?". So note down the words and google it. that should give you your answer.

You can mute and un-mute the sound on all levels using the volume-button in the top right of the game screen.

Now the rest is up to you. Have fun.

...and remember: if you get stuck you can always visit out facebook community where other players are almost alwyas very kind to help.