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About OddPawn

The biggest and most popular online riddle game in the world

OddPawn is a riddle game of logic and ingenuity. No particular skills are needed in order to play this game – only ingenuity. Each level present you with an image, some text and perhaps some music. Now it is your task to figure out to make some kind of sense from it and then give your answer in the answer box. A mind-blowing puzzle game for your brain.

Fitness for your brain

OddPawn consists of 12 chapters with a total of roughly 400 levels.
More than 80.000 players has played the game since the beginning.
Be aware – it’s a time consuming acquaintance.

The magnitude of the game

80.000 players, 400 levels, 5 million answers given

OddPawn is a game of logic but it is also a game of numbers and fun facts. Here are some stats from the game.








Riddle Levels


Countries Playing



What’s the connection?

An example of a level in OddPawn could be to figure out what the link is between Jimmy Hendrix and The GodFather?

No rules apply. You can use Google, search the sourcecode – whatever you need to find what you’re looking for

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