About OddPawn

A brief history:
OddPawn started out with Awp and DonD playing another online riddle game. We thought it was fun but also too hard for the common player. We decided to make our own game, a game everyone can play and a game without the static “change the url”. The prototype for OddPawn was called WhatPron. This game was never released but all the levels we made (approx 25 levels) is in Chapter One of OddPawn.

Now we have over 250 levels and more to come. Maybe OddPawn is the largest online riddle game of its kind?

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Who’s behind OddPawn? 

Founding fathers:
AWP and DonD

Big thanks to:

  • Mcfly, the trusty level maker, tester and creative friend, we owe you one!
  • Mythyka, you’re the forumqueen.
  • Muzzy & Sheera, for so many nice levels.
  • JN, for cool level-ideas.
  • deepfrost, Thin Lizzy and Le Fabuleux Offspring, for dealing with all our nerdy stuff…

All you OddPawnies out there, for playing!

For questions, comments and ideas, mail us: oddpawn@live.com
Or call us: 23428677
Befriend us @ the official OddPawn Facebook group
Follow us on Twitter

Kind regards

Team OddPawn

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